Discussion Topics

Under the spirit of collaboration for the betterment of the public good, it is our hope that the symposium will serve as a platform for you to forge new partnership and network, to address challenges and to enable innovations through conversations and networking among diverse players such as consultants, technology companies, service providers, and SMEs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) are on the minds of our clients. According to research, the market opportunity for IoT is $1.4 trillion, and AI is $46 billion by 2021.   These opportunities are the results of the exponential growth and advances in technologies. Naturally, engineers are at the forefront of the development of these technologies and related solutions for the decades to come.   


Note: The panel is subjected to changes before the event. Please keep checking back closer to the Symposium event date.

Panel Topic Panelist #1 Panelist #2 Panelist #3 Panelist #4 Government Guest Moderator
1. Real world use cases of AI combining with IoT Jason Tham
Evan Bombino
(Johnson Controls)
Jason Falbo
Pritesh Patel
Government Guest Justin Poy
(Dealer AIBot)
2. Potential future applications of AI and IoT in industry and for consumers Tuhin Banerjee (Woodgrove Technologies) Peter Yap
(General Motors)
Tommy Sin
(Forte Mobility)
Lara O’Donnell (Element AI) Government Guest Allen Hess (Honeywell)
3. Social Implication of AI (Privacy and security) Keivan Torabi
(Professional Engineers Ontario)
Rick Kazi
Brian Lee
(City of Markham)
Geri Yin
Godwin Chan
(City of Richmond Hill)
Fawn Annan
(IT World Canada)
4. The top IoT research areas and why you should care Jennifer Doctor
(Johnson Controls)
Rafi Wanounou
Akshay Kalle (Elastic Care) Amit Kulkarni (Honeywell) Government Guest Peyman Moeini (PeyTec)

Discussion topics:

1. Real world use cases of AI combining with IoT

From automated robot vacuum cleaners like Roomba to autonomous vehicles like Tesla Motors, artificial intelligence and the internet of things are becoming increasingly common in our everyday lives. What are other real world use cases of AI and IoT in industry and across different sectors, such as manufacturing, industrial, and transportation?

2. Potential future applications of AI and IoT in industry and for consumers

AI and IoT applications are very good at observing and understanding trends and patterns. Large companies and venture capital are being invested in developing this technology for applications beyond vacuum cleaners and self-driving cars. Some examples include security and access devices and emotional analysis and facial recognition. What are some other future applications of AI in industry for consumers?

3. Social Implications of AI and IoT (Privacy and security)

The transformative impact of artificial intelligence on our society will have economic, legal, political and regulatory implications that we must discuss. AI and IoT will cause the workforce to evolve and change. According to online sources, 7 million existing jobs will be replaced by AI in the UK from 2017 to 2037, but 7.2 million jobs could be created. This uncertainty and the changes to how some will make a living could be challenging.

4. The top IoT research areas and why you should care

There is a large list of research frontiers that IoT researchers focus on, within them included: wireless sensor networks, cloud computing, big data, security, network security, and smart cities.


What is the Internet of things (IoT)? Network of physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment (Gartner)

What is Artificial intelligence (AI)? an area of computer science that deals with giving machines the ability to seem like they have human intelligence (Merriam Webster)